Pouch packing machine is used to automatically packs products into bags. It is mainly used in filling, sealing and coding of products in food, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, and other industries. Most of the pouch packing machine use PLC control, the weighing, bag making, filling, sealing, coding, and bag cutting are completed at one time. It is convenient use and high efficiency.

Our pouch packing machine

Types of pouch packing machine

There are many types of pouch packing machine, and the classification methods are various too:

•according to the product status, there are liquid pouch packing machine, bulk, granular pouch packing machine small, and automatic premade pouch packaging machine etc.

•according to the packaging industry, there are bag packing machines for food, daily chemicals, textiles, etc.;

•according to the packing station, there are Single-station and multi-station packaging machines;

•according to the degree of automation, there are semi automatic pouch packing machine and fully automatic pouch packing machine;

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Common faults and troubleshooting methods

Fault typePossible reasonSolution
The machine does not work after touching the ON buttonCheck whether the emergency stop switch is reset; Inverter and servo controller display RCReset the emergency stop switch Turn off the main power supply for 20 seconds and then turn it on again
The sealing roller is not hotThe circuit breaker tripped; The heating element burns out; The temperature control meter is damaged;Check and eliminate the short circuit, and close it again; Replace the heating element; Replace the thermostat.
The numbers on the temperature control meter are beating repeatedlyThermocouple loose or damagedTighten or replace thermocouple
The temperature is normal when the vertical pouch packing machine is shut down, but after the machine is turned on, the temperature keeps dropping.The low ambient voltage causes the power of the heating element to decrease, and the power of the heating element is too small.Reduce the packing speed or increase the voltage stabilizing device, Replacing the high-power heating element.
Bag seal leaksTemperature not enough; lack of pressure; The sealing time is too short; The front and rear horizontal seals are unevenly sealed; Filling.Properly raise the temperature Check the total pressure; Properly increase the sealing time parameter; Carefully adjust the parallelism of the horizontal seal; Adjust the feeding time or inflation delay.
Packing machine leakage switch trippedLeakage of electrical appliances such as heating tubesCheck each appliance one by one
Unable to control bag cutting pointThe edge of the packaging film is wrinkled or the quality of the optical path causes photoelectric malfunction;
The photoelectric eye sensitivity is not adjusted well;
The length of the set bag is not enough to cause long and short bags;
Replace the packaging film;
Readjust photoelectric sensitivity;
Increase the bag length setting;
The automatic packaging machine cutter cannot cut off.The horizontal sealing temperature is too high, causing the roll film to melt on the cutter;
There are foreign objects in the horizontal sealing cutter;
Adjust the temperature of the horizontal seal to ensure that the seal does not leak;
Contact the packaging machine manufacturer to clean the cutter with the cleaning brush delivered randomly;
Abnormal pulling film of automatic food packaging machineThe pressure of the film transport cylinder is not enough or too high;
The belt is slipping or damaged;
The packaging film has too much static electricity;
Check whether the film transport pressure is 2.5 kg;
Use a saw blade to scrape the surface of the belt or replace the belt;
Replace the packaging film;

When the pouch packing machine automatic works continuously for a long time, overloaded and used for too long, it often leads to various failures, such as material breaking, uneven packaging film, poor sealing of packaging bags, and color mark positioning inaccurate and other problems, as well as the pouch packing machine not working properly due to the technical ability of the operator during the working process etc.,

If you meet these situations, please do not disassemble the machine for maintenance at will. You can first compare our common faults and troubleshooting according to the problems that arise, and check the possible causes and solutions. If still can’t solve it, or there is no relevant information in our files, please contact our technical staff for consultation.

  • The bags are sometimes long and sometimes short

The bag of small pouch packing machine is sometimes long and sometimes short, unstable. The Causes and Solutions as below:

1. The screw of the bag pliers is loose, the rubber pad is worn or oily, and it should be cleaned with household detergent.

2. Improper adjustment of the tightness of the packaging film.

3. The plastic tape is overweight.

  • Bag cutting is not normal

Abnormal bag cutting at horizontal seal, continuous bag cutting and insufficient compressive strength after heat sealing. The Causes and Solutions as below:

1. The foreign objects on the horizontal sealing copper block should be removed immediately.

2. Check whether the insulation board on the copper block is loose.

3. Replace the rubber pad on the push plate.

4. The thickness of the plastic film is too thick.

5. Adjust the pressure of the horizontal sealing copper block.

6. Check whether there is any scar on the knife edge on the horizontal sealing copper block

The feeder can realize the automation of the feeding process, and it can be used in conjunction with the pouch packing machine automatic to avoid the danger of high-altitude feeding, reduce labor intensity, and improve production efficiency. There are three main types feeders: screw feeder, bucket feeder, and conveyor belt feeder. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other production industries. The following introduces the principles and related applications of these three feeding machines.

1. Screw feeder

    The screw feeder is often used for powder conveying in the application of pouch packing machine for powder to make as a pouch packing machine auger filler. The principle is that when the screw body rotates, the material entering the machine tank is automatically conveyed upward by the reverse thrust of the rotating blade, and the material is automatically fed through the screw rod during the automatic packaging process. The transportation process is closed, avoiding the pollution of materials, and has the characteristics of automatic feeding, fast feeding, labor saving and safety.

stand up pouch packing machine

Tips for clearing the blockage of the feeder: 

When the feeder is working, if the conveying is not smooth or blocked, stop working immediately. Open the unloading gate, reverse the feeding motor, discharge the materials or sundries blocked in the feeding pipe, and clean the feeding pipe.

2. Bucket feeder

    The chain bucket feeder is mostly used for lifting and conveying fixed materials (granules, strips) from top to bottom or bottom to top, such as biscuits, rice, miscellaneous grains, small steamed buns, milk tea, glutinous rice balls, dumplings, chocolate, peanuts Rice, melon seeds, pistachios, walnuts and other granular materials. The equipment consists of a conveyor belt and a material hopper, and is often used in conjunction with food pouch packing machine automatic to realize automatic feeding linkage of food.

bucket feeder

small masala pouch packing machine

3. Belt feeder

    The belt feeder is a continuous feeding machine, using a conveyor belt wrapped around the front and rear rollers as a traction and load-bearing member, the driving roller relies on friction to drive the conveyor belt to move, and drives the materials to run together, so as to achieve The purpose of conveying materials.

belt feeder

 belt feeder of pouch packing machine

The automatic liquid pouch packing machine is suitable for the packaging of various liquid materials, such as edible vinegar, milk in bags, etc. it is widely used. Now we will show you the daily operation skills of the liquid pouch packing machine for sale.

1. When using the liquid pouch packing machine for the first time, place the equipment horizontally to ensure that the four feet are stable at the level of the machine body. If necessary, four anchor screws can be pre-embedded to fix it.

pouch packing machine for liquid

2. Before each use, fill the material tank with water (or 75° alcohol), cover the discharge pipe with a rubber tube (bypass the horizontal sealing copper block) and lead it to the sewer (or recycle use), and start the machine to run 5-10 minutes to flush the pipes. This is to ensure the food hygiene standards are met.

3. Set the packing material on the tape shaft, adjust it on the center line of the former, to make the tape can maintain the same width from left to right when forming. Then tighten the screws on the two fastening sleeves respectively, and adjust the spring pressure of the film-adjusting elastic device moderately, so that it can swing freely after automatically pulling the material bag, and it is advisable to have a good brake.

4. After the packaging material passes through the two belt-passing tubes, it is buckled into the former to make the packaging material symmetrical from left to right. Adjust the date to the current date, from top to bottom in XX year XX month xx day.

5. Adjust the vertical heat-sealing temperature to 140-1700°C and the horizontal heat-sealing temperature to 200-250°C. The specific temperature depends on the material and thickness of the packaging material, and then carefully fine-tuned. Preheat for 20 minutes to keep the heat-sealing die at constant temperature before formal filling production. In the future, as long as the power supply is not turned off, continuous production can be performed without reheating.

6. Adjust the position of the moving bag connecting rod on the variable crank to get the required length of the material bag, adjust inward to shorten, and outward to extend. Note that the main power supply must be cut off first before adjustment. When adjusting, the fastening nut on the slider should be loosened first, and then the adjustment knob can be screwed. After adjustment, the fastening nut should be tightened again before starting the machine.

control panel

7. Adjust the position of the quantitative pump rod of the pouch packing machine for liquid on the variable crank to get the required filling volume. Adjust inwards to decrease and outwards to increase. The method is as in Articles 5 and 6.

    The piston ring of this machine is an adjustable component. After using for a period of time, if there is leakage at the end of the piston rod, you can loosen the fastening screw at the end of the piston rod sleeve and turn the piston rod sleeve clockwise (inwardly). Make the piston ring expand to eliminate dripping. (Remember, the adjustment amount should be small to avoid damage to the piston ring.) After adjustment, the fastening screw should still be tightened to prevent loosening and displacement.

8. During normal production, just press the switch button of the liquid pouch packing machine, no need to adjust, the production quantity on duty is automatically counted by the counter.

   When the packaging material roll is used up, stop the machine immediately, replace it with a new roll film, and turn the three-way valve of the quantitative pump to the circulation state to stop the liquid supply. Only after the new material bag is formed, the liquid can be supplied again, and the production can continue.

9. When there are many solids in the filling liquid, it should be filtered in advance. After using for a period of time, the non-stick cloth of the vertical and horizontal seals is worn out. At this time, you can unscrew the clamping pipe to adjust a certain distance, and then you can use it normally after tightening it (don’t wait until it is completely worn out to adjust).

10. The vertical and horizontal heat-sealing copper blocks should be checked regularly, and the debris should be removed in time, otherwise the heat-sealing effect will be seriously affected. It is not allowed to scrape with metal tools and sandpaper when cleaning, otherwise it will easily damage the working surface and make it unusable. After cooling down, wipe with a cloth or wooden tool dipped in organic solvent to remove foreign matter.

11. Regularly rub methyl silicone oil on the non-stick cloth of vertical seal and horizontal seal to prolong the service life of the non-stick cloth and increase the heat sealing effect (methyl silicone oil model 201-350CS).

12. When there are abnormal phenomena such as poor sealing, continuous bagging, leakage, etc., it is strictly forbidden to pick up with hands and various tools, and stop the machine immediately for processing.

13. This fully automatic small liquid automatic packaging machine has been adjusted to the best state before leaving the factory.

If maintenance is required, experienced technicians should be invited to record the matching dimensions of the parts before dismantling them.

Users should follow the above basic daily operations. If you have any questions, you can consult technical personnel to solve the problem quickly.

Pouch packing machine automatic is widely used. It can pack all kinds of large bags and small bags of granules, powders, liquids, sauces and other products. The feeding and quantification are relatively simple. The difficulty of this machine is sealing, because it has to face different packaging material, thickness, etc., which require different temperature, sealing time, sealing force, cutting, etc. to coordinate with each other to ensure the beautiful sealing effect. This is mainly regulated by the vertical and horizontal sealing.

Now let’s see the structural design of the vertical and horizontal sealing mechanisms of small automatic pouch packing machine.

Vertical sealing design:

The vertical sealing mechanism is composed of vertical sealing cam, vertical sealing rod, vertical sealing head, vertical sealing pin, vertical sealing bracket and other parts. It is realized by the cooperation of the cam and the cylindrical roller, and the vertical sealing head is connected by a hinge.

It adopts the bottom-up assembly method to complete the assembly of the vertical sealing mechanism, as shown in the figure below.

 vertical sealing

Horizontal sealing mechanism:

The transverse sealing mechanism is composed of transverse sealing cam, transverse sealing rod, transverse sealing head, transverse sealing pin, transverse sealing bracket, transverse sealing spring, cap nut, bottom plate and other parts.

The horizontal sealing mechanism is also realized by a cam mechanism. In addition, springs are used to achieve transition and cushioning during horizontal sealing.

After understanding the horizontal sealing and vertical sealing of the automatic packaging machine, we have a clearer understanding of the main workflow of this type of pouch packing machine automatic.

automatic liquid pouch packing machine
automatic liquid pouch packing machine horizontal sealing details display

The material is fed from the hopper and transported to the tray, The packaging material is transported from the coil to the vertical sealing head by the traction roller and form a bag, then wrap the material and do the vertical sealing. After being vertical sealed, the material continues to be transported forward and is horizontally sealed at the horizontal head. Then complete the packaging.