Banana chips packing machine

Pouch Packing Machine Description

This banana chips packing machine is a kind of automatic premade pouch packaging machine, it uses the package bags that prepared in advance by users to package materials. The users just need to put package bag into the bag storage part of the fully automatic chips packing machine. And the chips packing machine can take the bag, open the bag, fill and seal the bag automatically. The whole packaging process is completed by the machine.

Banana chips packing machine
Chips crisp packaging machine

The parameter of banana chips packing machine

We have many types of the banana chips packing machine such as MCGD8-200,MCGD8-230,MCGD8-250, MCGD8-300 and so on. It can be applied to different size of package bags and meet different requirements from customers. 

Product namebanana chips packing machine
Packaging size L×W(mm)(100~300)×(100~200)
Pouch materialPE laminated film, aluminum foil, aluminum-plated film etc.
Pouch typeFlat pouch, stand-up pouch, gusset bags, box bags, zipper pouch, suction nozzles bags, special-shaped pouch, etc.
Pouch feeding mode:Horizontal pouch feeding, vertical pouch feeding
Pouch width adjustment:Automatic adjustment, manual adjustment
Power supply:380V 50Hz 5.5kw
Compressed airModel0.6~0.8 MPa 1.5m³/min
Total weight(t)1.2Ton
Dimension L×W×H(mm)1645×1450×1480


 The chips packing machine for sale can be used for automatic quantitative packaging of banana slice, potato chips, crust of cooked rice, popcorn, parched rice, prawn slices, crispy noodles, shrimp strips, French fries and lobster slices and other granular and flaky materials. It can be used as bakery chips packing machine, chips crisp packaging machine, cassava chips packing machine, fried chips packing machine, wafers chips packing machine and so on. The machine is widely used and can meet most of your packaging requirements. You can watch the chips packing machine video to know about the working process of the machine.

Chips crisp packaging machine application
Chips crisp packaging machine application
Cassava chips packing machine range
Cassava chips packing machine range

The Characteristic Of Lays Chips Packing Machine

The chips crisp packaging machine has the characteristic of following:

1.Bag types: flat bags, self-supporting bags and zipper bags.

2.Packaging material: PE composite, CPP composite.

3.Packaging process: take bags-open bags-calculate weight-fill bags-seal bags-input product.

4. The full automatic chips packing machine is equipped with mechanical transmission, which improves the stability and service life of the machine. The maintenance is simple and the machine is almost no failure.

5. The vacuum bag opening method is adopted by this automatic premade pouch packaging machine.

6. The machine can adjust the different bag width automatically.

7. The machine will not start if the opening of the packaging bag is not opened.

8. The machine is equipped with the safety protection door.

pouch packing machine design – Safety performance

The pouch packing machine design of the packing machine for chips has higher safety performance:

1.No packaging bag: the machine will neither fill the bag nor seal it.

2.The bag is uncomplete or unable to open: the machine will neither fill the bag nor seal it.

3.The heating device is equipped with the fault alarm.

4.The fully automatic pouch packing machine will stop automatically when it is below the set air pressure.

5.The fully automatic pouch packing machine will stop automatically when the protective cover or the electric box door is not closed.

chips packing machine price

Nowadays, more and more chips packing machine made in china are exported to all over the world, and many users inquire us about the chips packing machine price.I believe that you have seen many pouch packing machine in your local, such as chips packing machine in India, chips packing machine in Coimbatore. Because we have sold the pouch packing machine to local potato chips packing machine manufacturers such as potato chips packaging machine manufacturers India.

The customers usually inquire us about the chips packing machine price in their country, such as chips packing machine price in delhi, chips packing machine price in Pakistan, chips packing machine price in Nepal and so on. Let me briefly explain this:

The banana chips packing machine cost is mainly composed of chips packing machine price and transportation expenses. The chips pouch packing machine price is different according to the different models and configurations of packaging machines, and the price is relatively fixed for customers from different countries. The freight and customs clearance fee are another two factors that have large impact in pouch packing machine cost. Different destination has different freight.

 We have professional freight company so that our customers can get the cheapest freight. We can also provide you with discount in customs clearance. You can get the best cheap chips packing machine and enjoy a good shopping experience in our company.

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