What shall we pay attention to when using powder packing machine?

fully automatic powder packing machine

Powder packing machine is one of the more widely used pouch packing machines. It can be used to package powders with low viscosity, such as milk powder, cereal, coffee, etc., and can achieve ideal packaging results.

After purchasing a fully automatic powder packing machine, many manufacturers who produce powdered products often have questions during use. They are not quite clear about the specific operational processes and precautions of the fully automatic powder packing machine. Here we will specifically discuss the instructions for using fully automatic powder packing machine and some precautions.

Part 1. Feeding material of powder packing machine

This section introduces the feeding of materials to be packaged into the hopper of dry powder packing machine. Here’s some precautions during the feeding process of dry powder packing machine to ensure that our packing machine has a longer lifespan. When adding materials to the hopper, there are several aspects to pay attention to:

  1. Starting the mixing while loading can ensure even distribution of materials in the hopper and avoid uneven packaging.
  2. According to the characteristics of the packaging materials and packaging specifications, set a suitable number of supply bags to ensure smooth feeding and avoid the impact of feeding on the weight measurement accuracy of the powder packaging machine.
  3. If any abnormal sounds are heard from the material hopper during operation, the dry powder packaging machine must be stopped immediately to inspect the condition of the hopper. Work may only resume after ensuring that there is no foreign object inside the hopper.
  4. When packaging small-sized products, do not place the scale platform in a location where there is a lot of airflow, as wind can affect the minimum division display of the sensor. The scale is sensitive to wind force and can easily cause unstable measurement displays.
Automatic feeding and automatic cutting of filler automatic powder packing machine

Part 2.  packaging the material of powder packing machine

After the feeding process is completed, it is time to package the materials. This is an important part of the packaging process for filler automatic powder packing machine and should be divided into several steps:

1. Set the parameters of each part of the packing machine according to the powder packing machine manual, to ensure the accuracy of the packaging before starting to work. It is recommended to first perform a trial run with the powder packing machine, allowing the screw inside the material cup to be filled with materials.

2. During the packaging process, it is important to operate the powder packing machine in a standardized manner. Do not let the material in the feeding hopper and the material in the packaging bag squeeze each other during the feeding process. Otherwise, due to changes in the adhesive properties of the material, it can easily cause leakage or inaccurate measurement leading to measurement fluctuations.

3. During the packaging process of the fully automatic powder packing machine, if the material is fed multiple times or partially missed, do not place it on the weighing platform. Otherwise, the computer will consider this as the exact data of a discharge, and adjust automatically, affecting the continuous operation speed and accuracy of the powder packing machine.  

filler automatic powder packing machine bag former

4. During the operation, if foreign objects are found at the opening of the material cup, stop the machine and remove them. Note: do not use your hands to extract foreign objects before stop the machine, in order to avoid injury when the photoelectric screw rotates.

5. When replacing or cleaning the screw of the material cup, do not swing the screw horizontally to avoid twisting the screw slot, which may cause the screw to be fixed incorrectly during the next work and increase the wear and tear of the material cup, affecting the metering accuracy of the filler automatic powder packing machine . The correct method is to remove the screw by moving it up and down. If it is difficult to remove, loosen the long shaft and remove it together before taking out the screw. After that, polish the card slot and remove any foreign objects or materials inside.

6. Do not place heavy objects or sit on the sensor platform of the filler automatic powder packing machine. The maximum load-bearing capacity should not exceed the maximum weighing range. The sensor should be placed in a location away from major sources of vibration.

7. When replacing and adjusting the tensioning wheel of the fully automatic powder packing machine, pay attention to the installation direction and the upper and lower positions of the two gaskets. The fixing gasket plate of the tensioning wheel should face inward, and the upper and lower positions of the gaskets should be adjusted and installed according to the height difference between the two master-slave chain wheels.

fully automatic powder packing machine sealing

Part 3. cleaning of powder packing machine

After packaging the materials, it is generally necessary to tidy up and clean the powder packing machine to ensure that the equipment is clean and convenient for the next use:

1. After finishing the packaging work, clean out the materials in the bin and clean the spiral cup to avoid leftover materials from clumping (due to the hygroscopic nature of the chemical raw materials) and affecting the packaging accuracy during the next work.

2. Keep the photoelectric switch contacts clean to prevent dust from adhering and causing the photoelectric action to be insensitive, resulting in incorrect material discharge or failure to operate, which affects the lifespan of the fully automatic powder packing machine. Note: Do not use a hard brush to clean the photoelectric sensor head.

3. Before leaving the machine, the pouch packing machine operator should turn off the power to ensure that the machine has a work interval and cooling to avoid continuous temperature rises due to continuous work, which can worsen equipment wear and tear and reduce the lifespan of the pouch packing machine and spare parts.

powder packing machine vertical

For mechanical equipment such as the fully automatic powder packing machine, as long as standardized operation is followed and regular maintenance is carried out, the pouch packing machines can be guaranteed to function well and produce ideal packaging results. This will also increase the lifespan of the equipment. Under no circumstances should the machine be repaired or disassembled arbitrarily to avoid unnecessary damage.
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