Sugar packing machine

Pouch packing machine description

In addition to automatically completing all the packing process, this small sugar packing machine is more attractive because it has a defective product rejection system and intelligent adjustment functions.

The sugar pouch packing machine automatically weighs and inspects the finished packages, rejects the ones that exceed the error limit, and feeds the information back to the weighing system. Then it can be adjusted to the budgeted value within 2-3 packages through the pulse signal intelligent adjustment, greatly saves labor and ensures 100% yield. This is unmatched by other pouch packing machine.

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Technical specification

Product namesugar pouch packing machine
Automation gradeFull automatic
Bag length80-180cm
Bag width60-160cm
Bag capacity0.1-500g
Packing speed50-80 bags/min
Sealed formBack seal/round corner/three-side seal/four-side seal
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Pouch packing machine technology

Pouch packing machine technology
Artificial intelligence technology
 Fast calculation, dynamic control technology, accurate feedback to each moving part, to achieve high-speed linkage.
Pouch packing machine technology
Weighing system
Only need to enter the target weight on the screen, and the sugar sachet packing machine will automatically adjust to the corresponding weight without manual operation.
Pouch packing machine technology
Smart adjustment
Calculation is performed continuously during operation, and when a problem is received, it will be adjusted to the budgeted value within 2-3 packets through the pulse signal.
Pouch packing machine technology
Rejection system
Automatic weighing, can detect products exceeding the error limit and then reject them to truly achieve 100% yield.
Pouch packing machine technology
The measuring cup weighing device is made of 304 stainless steel, accurate measurement, stable and durable, and the packaging capacity can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Packable Products

This sugar packing machine is widely used in various products and industries, suitable for packaging of food, medicine, daily necessities, chemicals, condiments, precious products, such as nuts, decorative granules, millet, rice, soybeans, chicken essence, disinfectant powder, coffee , sugary solid drinks, barley, red beans, sugar, salt, traditional Chinese medicine granules and other products.

Note: If your product is not listed here, please don’t worry! We can customize the sugar bean packing machine state suitable for you according to your needs. Just tell us the weight or bag size requirement.

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Packable products of sugar sachet packing machine for sale

Package sample

mineral water pouch packing machine delhi

Pouch packing machine bags

Bag type of sugar packing machine 5g

Packing and ship

5 gram sugar packing machine packing and ship

More knowledges

1. The vertical pouch packing machine should be installed in a place with stable ground and no strong vibration, and avoid direct sunlight to avoid the influence of strong light sources on the photoelectric sensor.

2. After the installation position is confirmed, the anchor screws should be adjusted to ensure the stability of the small sugar packing machine.

3. If the local power supply voltage is unstable and exceeds the range of ±10, please consider installing an AC voltage stabilizer to ensure the normal operation of the sugar packet packing machine.

4. Before the vertical pouch packing machine is powered on, check whether all parts of the machine are in good condition, whether the screws are loose, whether the electrical box is off-line etc.

5. The body of the sugar candy packing machine is connected with a «zero» line (N line) for protection. If the user adopts the three-phase five-wire system, after-sales service personnel can change the wiring method according to customer requirements.

6. Turn the driving belt of the main motor by hand to make the distribution shaft rotate one circle, and connect the power supply of the sugar cube packing machine after confirming that there is no paper jam and the parts collide with each other.

7. After turning on the power, turn on the power switch of the stick sugar packing machine, and then turn on the working switch for a short time. Check that the distribution shaft is rotating clockwise. If not, turn off the power to the machine completely, and adjust any two of the three-phase power cables to each other.

Usually, you can invite some experienced or skilled professional workers to install the vertical pouch packing machine on site, or you can purchase it from some manufacturers with on-site installation services.

The whole working process of the sugar stick packing machine is simple and fast, and the packaging effect is very good. In order to give full play to the advantages of the packing machine, the following rules must be followed to avoid failures.

1. Use in strict accordance with the pouch packing machine manual.

The fully automatic pouch packing machine has the advantage of automatic work, as long as the working environment meets the needs, there is no need for too much manual care, so it must be set and adjusted according to the requirements of the pouch packing machine manual to avoid inappropriate operations.

2. Be sure to avoid overloading work.

In order to avoid failures in the use of the packaging machine, it is necessary to make reasonable arrangements, and do not have any overloaded work process, otherwise it will lead to serious failures, which may be some problems at the beginning, but as time goes by going longer can cause serious failures.