Mineral water pouch packing machine

water pouch packing machine price: 8500USD—10000USD

Water pouch packing machine description

water pouch packing machine

This mineral water pouch packing machine is suitable for the packaging of pre-made bags. It is a fully automatic automatic liquid pouch packing machine. When equipped with different metering devices, this water pouch packing machine cheap can be applied to the packaging of various materials such as liquid, sauce, powder, and granules.

Product parameters

Product nameMineral water pouch packing machine
Automation gradefully automatic
Packing itemssauces, yogurt, skin care products, shampoo, etc.
Applicable itemsliquid, granules, powders, small flakes, strips, etc.(by different metering device)
Packing speed25-50 bags/min (depending on the product)
Packing range5-3000ml
Rated power1.4KW
Rated voltage220V/50HZ
Product weight300KG
Bag typesPremade bag, back sealing bag, four-side sealed bag, hot edge bag, zigzag bag.
200 ml water pouch packing machine

Water pouch packing machine details

Water pouch packing machine details
Pneumatic pump metering device
Anti-drip design, accurate measurement, simple and convenient maintenance, durable.
Water pouch packing machine details
Control panel
With color touch screen and PLC control system, the mini water pouch packing machine runs stably and is easy to use.
Water pouch packing machine details
Finished bag device
This automatic premade pouch packaging machine can be used with various bag types, with high operating efficiency and precise positioning.
Water pouch packing machine details
Heat sealing device
Intelligent constant temperature heat sealing, the sealing is tight, and the temperature can be adjusted according to different packaging materials.

Applicable items

Applicable items

Applicable pouch and bag types

Applicable pouch and bag types

◆Related knowledge

Automatic liquid pouch packing machine is especially suitable for various food and beverage industries such as fruit juice drinks, prepared drinks, milk, and mineral water. Pouch packing machine for liquid is a mechanical equipment which require regular maintenance during use. Below we will briefly introduce its maintenance methods.

1. Regular lubrication.

When using the automatic liquid pouch packing machine, you must do a good job of regular lubrication. You can check the lubrication of each part of the liquid pouch filling packing machine, and then lubricate the gear bonding. Only good lubrication can improve the working efficiency of the liquid pouch packing machine. But it should be noted that when adding lubricating oil, it is necessary to avoid dripping oil on the conveyor belt to avoid belt slippage and loss of rotation.

2. Do a good job of cleaning.

When the automatic liquid pouch packing machine stops working, it is necessary to clean up the residual liquid in the pipeline in time. If the residual liquid is not cleaned, it will affect the working quality of the packing machine. In addition, it is necessary to seal the end face of the copper block with constant heat foreign matter to be removed. If there are materials left outside when the automatic liquid pouch packing machine is working, these materials must also be cleaned up to keep the pouch packing machine parts clean.

3. Do a good job of checking accordingly.

When using the beverage packaging machine, it is necessary to do a good job of inspection. For example, for each part of the packaging machine, it is necessary to check whether there is any looseness. If there is looseness, it should be tightened in time. In addition, since the beverage packaging machine is an electrical component, it must be placed in a clean and dry environment to avoid electrical failures.

pouch packing machine for water

The automatic premade pouch packaging machine, also known as vertical pouch packing machine, automatic stand up pouch packing machine it means that the user has designed and formed packaging bags, and the machine is only responsible for filling and sealing.

This stand up pouch packing machine uses prefabricated packaging bags with exquisite patterns and good sealing quality, which improves the product grade. The operator only needs to put a certain number of packaging bags on the bag taking place of the equipment, and the automatic stand up pouch packing machine can automatically take the bags, print the date, open the bags, signal the metering device to measure and drop, seal and output. The whole process does not require manual labor work.

It can realize one person control multiple fully automatic pouch packing machine, greatly improve production efficiency, save labor costs and management costs. It is an indispensable packaging equipment for modern enterprises to carry out diversified production.

Bag-making pouch packing machine refers to installing the packaging roll film on the pouch packing machine automatic, and the machine automatically forms bags (size adjustable), filling and sealing. Packaging materials are usually plastic composite films, aluminum platinum composite films, paper bag composite films, etc. The packaging speed and packaging accuracy are much higher than manual packaging, which improves the packaging efficiency and is deeply loved by small and medium-sized users.

Compared with the two, the packaging bag of the automatic premade pouch packaging machine can be made richer and more beautiful, and saves the trouble of replacing the packaging roll film, but requires more careful maintenance. While the bag-making pouch packing machine cost is relatively low.

In general, both the two pouch packing machine can realize automatic measurement, blanking, filling, and sealing of products. The final choice is mainly determined by your packaging needs and product characteristics.

If you want to save more labor and have higher requirements for packaging quality and grade, we suggest that you can choose a automatic premade pouch packaging machine. otherwise, you can choose a more economical bag-making pouch packing machine automatic.

Welcome to contact us, we are happy to design packaging solutions for you and provide suggestions on pouch packing machine selection.

1. First you must determine which products to pack.

Most automatic pouch packing machine manufacturers have many types of pouch packing machine, and when buying a packing machine, buyers always hope that one machine can pack all their material varieties. In fact, dedicated packing machines are often better packaged than compatible machines. We suggest that it is best not to pack more than 3-5 varieties for one automatic pouch packing machine.

2. High cost performance is the first principle.

3. Try to choose a pouch packing machine with simple operation and maintenance, complete pouch packing machine and spare parts, and a fully automatic continuous feeding mechanism.

Maybe your initial investment will be slightly higher, but this can greatly improve your packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs, which is more suitable for the long-term development of the enterprise.

4. Choose models with mature technology and stable quality as much as possible.

The fully automatic pouch packing machine with mature technology has faster and more stable operation, low energy consumption, low labor, and low scrap rate, which can reduce your cost.

5. Choose pouch packing machine suppliers with good after-sales service,

During the use of the packing machine, it is inevitable that there will be some failures or problems. The after-sales service is timely. It is especially important for food processing enterprises to solve these problems in a timely manner and resume production.

 6. If you want to conduct an on-site inspection of the automatic pouch packing machine manufacturers, it is more important to pay attention to the small details of the machine, which often determine the quality of the whole machine. Also, try to bring your samples to the test machine as much as possible. You are welcome to contact us to learn about various pouch packing machines

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